Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 1: 7/3/11

---The first day! Technically, I'm leaving from Asheville. But I'm counting that as my start and end point, because my hope is that one day it really will be. I'd been in Asheville just checking the town out a little more.
---took the longer, scenic drive up to Cumberland Gap National Park. It's basically a gap in the Appalachians that Daniel Boone found to invade Kentucky and kill more Indians.
---Not a whole lot to do/see there other than watch the movie of Boone with the soundtrack that's off by minutes, and go to viewpoints. Best if you're hiking on the trails.
---too hot for me to hike
---some very sweaty camping

Westward, Ho

Well, hi there!
This is a blog to keep a record of my travels across the USA and part of Canada over July and August of 2011. I seem to be on the go all the time and can't seem to keep the detailed journal I want to, so this blog is going to be Twitteresque - just a string of loosely related phrases and thoughts. Mostly this is all for my future benefit for remembrance, but somebody out there is curious, maybe. So off I go in my way overfilled Civic into the sunset.